Fast and Flexible 3D Rigging Techniques
Instructor: Stephen Mann
Lead Character TD / Pipeline TD, CHRLX|3D

Last-minute design changes are a way of life in the frenetic environment of commercial production so you must be ready to respond quickly. This class focuses on fast and flexible character rigging tools and techniques that will keep you agile, adaptable and ready for anything the client may throw at you. Stephen mines his 15 years of production experience to demonstrate the most effective character creation techniques plus simple ways to build rigging related tools in Maya that will save you hours of work.

Bio: With 15 years of animation production experience ranging from Sony Imageworks and Blue Sky to Kleiser Walczak, Hornet and Charlex, Stephen’s credits span the spectrum of digital production from ride films and commercials to short films (One Rat Short) and features (X-MenRobotsThe One). An acknowledged character rigging and pipeline tools master, Stephen also counts a decade of teaching experience at SVA in New York and currently runs the NY chapter of the Maya Users Group.